The Second Petition of the Lord’s Prayer

Dr. Luther’s Small Catechism lesson for the week: 6-17-2012

[III] The Lord’s Prayer

in the plain form in which the head of the family
shall teach it to his household

The Second Petition

“Thy kingdom come.”

What does this mean?

Answer: To be sure, the kingdom of God comes of itself, without our prayer, but we pray in this petition that it may also come to us.

How is this done?

Answer: When the heavenly Father gives us his Holy Spirit so that by his grace we may believe his holy Word and live a godly life, both here in time and hereafter forever.[1]

[1]Tappert, T. G. 2000, c1959. The book of concord : The confessions of the evangelical Lutheran church. Fortress Press: Philadelphia

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