Notes from the Operation Barnabas Meeting February 21, 2017

Pastor Morehouse opened the meeting with a devotion about the Beatitudes.  We are being led by Jesus Mercy and Comfort through the Holy Spirit to minister to those who suffer, grieve, or flounder in doubt or in life.  We are to be living witnesses to the new life that Jesus Christ has assured us through His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead.

Those in attendance include:   Pastor Morehouse & Marty, Paul & Donna Lindberg, Larry Klages, Bruce Helenbart, and Dawn Hawk.

No news was available on local units being deployed.

Dawn read a “Thank You” for the help we received from the Wish List in the Daily Star.  They helped O.B. collect items for the care packages that we filled for the January Stand Down.  In appreciation for all the collections of household items for our Veteran’s Widow, a big “Thank You” goes out to the Congregation and Billie May’s Welcome Wagon Group.  Items collected include an iron, a vacuum cleaner, towels, pots & pans, bowls and plastic containers, a bathroom rug, numerous pillows, bedding and foam liners for her bed.  She doesn’t have a bed yet and sleeps on an air mattress.  She still needs a small bench, a hand mixer and a trash can for the kitchen.

Bruce is writing a Thrivent Action Team Request to receive a gift card of $250 that O.B. can spend to buy items for the care packages needed for the Pinal County Stand Down on April 22nd.  We will also hold a yard sale on April 1 at the Hawk Residence at 14821 N. Appleton Ave.  A request will go out to the congregation to save their spring cleaning cast-offs for the sale.  Those who have donations should drop them off at the Hawk’s sometime the last week of March with the deadline being Friday March 31 at noon.  If that isn’t possible, a few items can be taken to the Church and be placed in the supply closet on the west side of the Church.  No one is to bother Jean as she will be busy preparing for Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  Signs will be placed on various cross streets leading to the Hawk’s and an announcement will go into the Catalina Connection.  The sale will run from 6:30-11:00.

Dates have been set for up-coming meetings:

March 21, 2017 —Regular Meeting

April 1, 2017—Yard Sale

April 18—Pack Bags for the Pinal County Stand Down

April 22—Attend the Pinal County Stand Down

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