OB Meeting 4/25/24

Warning Order and opening prayer


Guest presentation: Soldier’s Best Friend

Dawn introduced Leslie (representative) and Chris (client) from Soldier’s Best Friend. SBF locates, trains, and places service dogs with veterans who have PTSD/TBI, and trains the veterans to work and live with their service dogs.

Leslie discussed the processes used by SBF, and the on-going needs of SBF (volunteers, “foster” families to begin training dogs, and financial). Chris, with his service dog Carrie, discussed his experience in training his dog, and the positive impact his dog has had on his life.

Soldier’s Best Friend, Chris and BF Carrie

New business

  1. OB is hosting church fellowship on Sunday, 26 May 2024.
  • Several members volunteered to bring items
  1. Claire’s Cafe in Catalina is shutting down this year, so we will need a new venue for Veterans’ Day. Some possibles:
  • Sunny Side Cafe in Catalina – known to host motorcycle groups, and seem to be popular under new ownership
  • Jerry Bob’s in Catalina
  • Other? We will discuss again at May meeting
  1. Ideas for stand-downs in future
  • Vicar – consider adding personal hygiene/care items to children’s bags
  • Kym – Amazon sells personal hygiene kits (presently 96 kits for $96)
    • consider adding personal hygiene/care items specific to women
  1. Other
  • Kym can use help cutting plastic shopping bags to use for making sleeping mats; there is a group interested in her teaching them how to make the mats
  • Dawn received a kind letter of thanks from a veteran who attended the last stand-down; she also received a thoughtful card from Rev. Craig Mueller (LCMS Director of OB) acknowledging her OB leadership and service

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be Thursday, 16 May 2024, at 1:00pm at CLC.

Closing dedication for fallen veterans and prayer


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