For decades prior to today’s record concerning the Promise to Jacob, Abraham and Isaac had endured in the Faith in God’s promises to them. Throughout that time, they were found sinning, repenting and receiving God’s forgiveness. That was especially true during the times when they had become impatient with God and tried to help Him along in fulfilling His Word.
God’s Word reveals that it is very good for husband and wife be helpers for each other—in good times such as today, as well as in the times of trial that come to all people, even to the faithful in Christ. God declares the most excellent Way, the Way of Christ and His perfect love. That love moves husband and wife to bear one another up, even at the times when fallen human life presses in upon them. The Scriptures declare that it is God’s intent to keep glued-together two others—in physiology, in emotions, in patterns of thinking, in likes and dislikes—and to not allow anyone to come between them.
For you who, by God’s Law are convicted of your sins, those same faithful and merciful pastor-teachers continue to proclaim the Good News of God. This means that, to the repentant faithful in Christ, God’s Gospel is to be proclaimed as if there were no convicting, killing and condemning Law. Christ died for you. He bore your sins into the death and the grave. He rose from the dead to declare you right with God. He gives you His Spirit Who moves you to conduct your lives under His grace.