Two men were walking down a dusty road. Sounds like the beginning of a joke…but it’s not. There was nothing funny going on in the lives of these two men. Their feet were probably kicking up some dust…not because of speed but more likely, lack thereof.
Oh, how different this day could have been. Don’t get me wrong – • Jesus would still have instituted the Supper on Holy Thursday – • Jesus would still have given his life on Good Friday – • Jesus would still have lain in the tomb on Holy Saturday – and • Jesus would still have been raised from that grave on the third day… But how different this day could have been if only Judas had repented…
The Feast of Stephen. The day the Church remembers the first Christian martyr. The first Christian killed for his faith. Now that’s not very Christmas-y, is it? Or is it? Perhaps we have a wrong idea about Christmas! Perhaps, just maybe, our sentimentalized picture of Christmas is a little blurred.

Who is Herod?

December 22, 2021
Herod was a man. He was a bad man. He was an evil man. Herod was a sinner. Herod was used by Satan just as many men and women have been used throughout the centuries since man’s fall from grace in the Garden. But Herod wasn’t Satan.

Finding the true cross

September 15, 2021
Did Helena really find the true cross of Jesus? Are there pieces of that cross floating around out there? Well, here’s the answer: I don’t know and, it doesn’t matter.