The word alleluia is a word that we bring back in full force during the Easter season. Our Psalm today also begins in that way too. Since it’s Hebrew, it’s “hallelujah,” rather than the Greek alleluia, but you get the idea. However, despite the word hallelujah, being the most distinct word of the Easter season, sometimes it is easy just to say it and not think about what it means. It’s important to remember that hallelujah means “praise Yahweh.” Translating it all into English we get, “Praise the LORD.” But then we must ask, “What does praise mean?”
Christ is risen, He is risen indeed, alleluia! Jesus won! Therefore, our team has won! Those of us who are baptized and believe in Jesus as the Son of God have victory in Christ...You were begotten from above and became God’s child in Holy Baptism, and you were given faith through His Word. Therefore, the victory is yours because you are a child of God through Baptism and by faith.
Today’s text is the Gospel reading which is full of peace, forgiveness, and faith flowing from our Risen Savior. In today’s Gospel, there are three times that Jesus says the phrase, “Peace be with you.” If Jesus said something once, we need to listen to it. If Jesus says something twice, like, “Amen, Amen,” we really need to listen. And, if Jesus says something three times, one better pay (1) very (2) very (3) very close attention.

Easter implications

April 17, 2022
The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive. This is all good news. However, those first at the empty tomb needed time to understand what it meant. The same is true for many today. What does it all mean that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive? Christians today, unlike the original witnesses, all intuitively know that Easter is good news.

Behold your King

April 16, 2022
After Jesus died, He was laid in a tomb in a garden. It’s as if we could just do a movie-type flashback from God the Son walking in the Garden of Eden. We can remember God promising to send the seed of woman to die, and then flashforward to that same Son of God taking on human flesh, dying, and then in a garden again. We cannot go back to Eden or that Tree of Life, but now we are able to meditate on the garden where the Son of God was laid to rest and how from His blood-stained cross flowed water and blood from the new Tree of Life. People of God, meditate and look with the eyes of faith. “Behold the man, behold, your king. Behold Jesus of Nazarth, King of the Jews.”

Divine patrimony

April 3, 2022
In many church bodies today (maybe even in the LCMS sometimes) you can hear of a “nicer” Jesus. Especially in other church bodies, you can pay to hear from whatever kind of nice, safe, politically correct Jesus you may want. However, a “nicer” or “safer” Jesus is not nice or safe because it’s not the real Jesus! The real Jesus stands up in a crowd of people who don’t believe in Him and says, “You are of your father the devil.”
Our text is the reading from John, and our topic is the Body of Christ confessionally. We will examine how we have unity as the Body of Christ as we boldly confess that Jesus is Lord. Before diving into the text, we must ask, what is a confession? Confession is a repeating back of what God has said about Himself in Holy Scripture.

Genesis and Jesus

March 6, 2022
From today’s Old Testament reading, we can notice at least three ways that the Devil tries to tempt the people of God. First, he tries to create doubt in God’s Word, and then, he tries to replace God’s Word with other words. Finally, he tries to divide God’s people against one another. After we have heard and examined how God’s Word deals with these temptations, we will hear all the rich and numerous ways that this text foreshadows and mentions Christ.