Finding the true cross

September 15, 2021
Did Helena really find the true cross of Jesus? Are there pieces of that cross floating around out there? Well, here’s the answer: I don’t know and, it doesn’t matter.
One of the important things to bear in mind when reading the Scriptures—and especially when proclaiming them to others—is context. When were these things—these events-- these edicts of the prophet or of Jesus himself taking place?
For you who, by God’s Law are convicted of your sins, those same faithful and merciful pastor-teachers continue to proclaim the Good News of God. This means that, to the repentant faithful in Christ, God’s Gospel is to be proclaimed as if there were no convicting, killing and condemning Law. Christ died for you. He bore your sins into the death and the grave. He rose from the dead to declare you right with God. He gives you His Spirit Who moves you to conduct your lives under His grace.
Are you seeing and understanding what is happening in the world and what is happening around you from a Biblical perspective? Are you understanding the Bible and how it applies to what is happening in the world?