This Holy Thursday evening, following the helpful tradition of the Church catholic, we are celebrating the Lord’s Service to us by using its very ancient name: Maundy-Thursday. What does that mean? ...we will consider the themes that may lead us to consider why this day is given to us. We will briefly test and weigh the biblical realities we heard in the readings for tonight and their applications for the faithful.
In order to be able to redeem us by His most holy obedience, Christ from the time of His conception until the time of His resurrection, by daily choice, refrained from the full and constant use of His divine characteristics, majesty, and glory. This state of self-renunciation we designate as Christ’s state of Humiliation.
Especially during this Christmas Season, at the end of our calendar year, or just in general, deep pondering is what many of us need more of in our lives. We need to sit down, stop whatever is trying to grab our attention, and take a minute and ask ourselves meditative questions. We are going to begin our deep questions in the Old Testament from Psalm 8, and then we will move into the questions from Romans.