The wedding feast

October 17, 2021
At this marriage feast, are only those who have been cleansed by Christ with the washing of water with the Word. The man being there without the white baptismal garment means he must have despised his baptismal wedding garment by soiling it and casting it off. This is what happens when a Christian chooses to live in sin rather than allow the Holy Spirit to lead them to walk in repentance in their Baptism.
For decades prior to today’s record concerning the Promise to Jacob, Abraham and Isaac had endured in the Faith in God’s promises to them. Throughout that time, they were found sinning, repenting and receiving God’s forgiveness. That was especially true during the times when they had become impatient with God and tried to help Him along in fulfilling His Word.

Behold your King

October 3, 2021
The cross wasn’t a divine fallback plan. God saw it all from the beginning, and in His unsearchable wisdom, He determined that this was how He would reign as king—as a merciful king bearing the curse of the Law’s demands for us. For you see, Jesus loved God with all His whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Jesus loved His neighbor as Himself, and on Jesus hang the Law and the Prophets even as He hung there for you.
Though we will all face physical death, Christ will again call out to us on the last day and raise us from our graves. He will call your name and say, “My Son, My Daughter, I say to you, arise.” On that last day, what we just confessed in the Nicene Creed shall become reality. “I believe in the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.”
For you who, by God’s Law are convicted of your sins, those same faithful and merciful pastor-teachers continue to proclaim the Good News of God. This means that, to the repentant faithful in Christ, God’s Gospel is to be proclaimed as if there were no convicting, killing and condemning Law. Christ died for you. He bore your sins into the death and the grave. He rose from the dead to declare you right with God. He gives you His Spirit Who moves you to conduct your lives under His grace.
Are you seeing and understanding what is happening in the world and what is happening around you from a Biblical perspective? Are you understanding the Bible and how it applies to what is happening in the world?