The end is coming!

The Parable of the Virgins after Sir John Everett Millais by Dalziel Brothers

The End has come… the end of the Church Year that is!
God, in His grace and mercy for us sinners has brought you, the faithful, to hear again the set of readings that call all people who would be “in the Church,” to remain watchful for the Final Coming of our Bridegroom. He is Jesus, the One Who died while bearing the sins of His Bride—all those violations of God’s Holy Word inherited or committed by the members of His Church. He rose from the dead to present Her (that is, we who regularly gather around His Word and Sacraments) spotless and pure to Himself. …For more, click on the title above.

Whether we thank Him or not, Jesus offers healing to all

The nine lepers in our text today often get the short end of the preaching stick. Similarly to Thomas, it’s easy to pick on them, easy to cast them as the “bad guys” of the text to make a point, but, while they do have their issues, doing so skews the text. So, what does that have to do with today?…For more, click on the title above.

God’s beautiful promise for His faithful on judgement day

Christ Dividing the Sheep from the Goats. Mosaic. Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo

Today, the events that will accompany Jesus’ Last and eternal arrival are again revealed to the confessing Church through His illustration of the separation of sheep and goats.
It is morally and mortally important that you continue to hear these end of year, end of the old evil world, texts as this old fallen creation seems to devolve daily into more chaos and evil. God continues to reveal end of time realities from the Scriptures appointed for these two weeks. They have been faithfully transmitted to us through the work of the Holy Spirit, the Person of the Godhead Who inspired and guided the writings of the Prophets, Apostles, and Evangelists….For more, click on the title above.

What is God’s?

Christ and the Tribute Money by Gustuave Dore

Those in our text today who wish to test the Christ have pit earthly government against heavenly government. They begin their inquiry with a false presupposition. They do so knowingly, they willfully bend God’s teaching against the Christ. However, truth prevails – which is a surprise to none of us.
The Pharisees ally themselves with the followers of Herod hoping to catch Christ inciting the people against the government; a government which Christ has allowed to be established.
…For more, click on the title above.

Forgiveness doesn’t count

The Unforgiving Servant by Nelly Bube

Forgiveness doesn’t count. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean that it doesn’t matter or that it’s not important. By no means. No, forgiveness counts for a lot in that respect. In fact, it’s everything. We’d be lost without forgiveness.
But when I say, Forgiveness doesn’t count, I mean it in the way that Jesus teaches it, which is to say, forgiveness doesn’t keep score. Forgiveness doesn’t count. It doesn’t keep score or keep track of how many times it has to forgive. …For more, click on the title above.

Why are the saints blessed?

The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs

Today is the day we celebrate All Saints Day, perhaps one of the most misunderstood “Festival” days in the church year.
But, with that said, with the help of the Holy Spirit we will look at what God has to say in regard to “life after death.” To begin with, however, let’s answer a couple of basic questions: what is All Saints Day, and why does the Lutheran Church celebrate it?…For more, click on the title above.

Celebrate Reformation by preaching the eternal Gospel

LCMS logo, used with permission

Today we commemorate the Reformation specifically through celebrating the preaching of the eternal Gospel. For this Gospel we give glory to God who comes to His people in the proper time. This coming of the Lord was long promised and long awaited by His people who had, until the arrival of the Christ, dwelt in a deep darkness. …For more, click on the title above.