Continuing steadfast in the Faith into heaven’s bliss

Good Shepherd stained

From God keeping her steadfast in the Faith, she has received the heavenly prize. On January 20, 2024, God released Marillyn from her confirmation vows. That is because in Christ, God has fulfilled His Promise to her.

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It is beautiful to fall asleep in the Lord

Ghent altarpiece: Adoration of the Lamb by Jan van Eych

Our sermon for this funeral service is offered to God in thanksgiving for the Faith that God gave and sustained in Kenneth Brian Bowman. The following words have flowed forth from the inspired readings for this day. Ken’s beloved Rosann chose them for you to hear from them today. I invite you to hear again the Word of the Lord that declares the good confession of the Faith:
The beautiful struggle I have struggled, the race I have completed, the Faith I have kept….For more, click on the title above.

Jesus: The Way and the Truth and the Life

Today, in a penitential season of the year, God has gathered us to hear of the One Who bore sin into death, the One Who was raised to everlasting life to grant true hope and peace to all who believe in Him. Now, we remember God’s faithfulness in calling Maxine Wirth to eternal life in Christ. Hear Jesus speak to us again as we remember the Faith God gave and sustained in Maxine throughout her mortal life and into everlasting life:
I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one continues to come to the Father except through Me. …For more, click on the title above.

She says “Amen” to the Name of the Lord

John 14:6 by Ashley Chase.

You are being called by the Spirit of the Living God to hear and cling to God’s good and gracious promises. Those He gives to all who call upon Him in the Faith.
Through His Word, you are called to receive divine encouragement. That God wills to give to you out of your hearing and beholding His Word. In that, we pray that the Holy Spirit will work in you true trust in the One Who promises good to those who call upon Him in the Faith. This day, God, through His visible and proclaimed Word, is working to give you sure and certain hope. That comes from the proclamation of His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises to people, such as Marie, who bear His Name.
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God is her refuge, a strong tower

Psalm 23 by Ruth Bailey

Today, God has assembled us to hear His Word of joy, comfort, peace, forgiveness, life and salvation. We are here, in good part, because God has continued to move the children of Colleen Rae Chaney to honor her. That you are in this Church building today provides genuine evidence that her children have called her blessed, even as the Proverbs declare.
Therefore, today, Colleen’s family you are free to behold, to be living testimonies to her blessedness.
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I’m glad to go when the Lord calls

Adoration of the Lamb, stained glass window, Church of St. Philip and St. James, Oxford, England

Our sermon for this day the Church in this place has chosen to remember the Faith that God gave to and sustained in His servant Gladys Ellaine Tagge is drawn from the readings of the day. God guided her family, from the notes in her Bible, to choose what you have heard in this service for this very day.