Blind Beggars All

Love is Patient by Jen Norton

In today’s readings we hear of a God that is supernatural—that surpasses our conception of nature and her cycle. Promises of plenty, healing, peace, and virtuous attributes that extend beyond man’s life under heaven echo throughout time and place in each of the three texts. These Words we hear today are the waters that come flooding into our parched souls and bring true healing to our death-wracked bodies. It is not the nature of our God to leave empty things empty… For more, click on the title above

Soil Science

Parable of the Sower by Michael Mize

I’m sure you’ve heard this constantly, but it bears repeating: the Word does not change. Jesus does not change, the Word of God does not change, and the message of the Scriptures does not change. What is different in these four instances are the people to whom these Words are preached.

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The parable of the Sower: A lesson for us

Parable of the Sower by Michael Mize

The parable from today’s appointed Gospel is not hard to understand. The farmer scatters seed in the expectation that some will take root, grow and bear a harvest. Because that’s what farmers do. Now, along the way, some stuff happens to the seed:
• Some are snatched by birds.
• Some get parched and die.
• Some get choked by weeds.
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God’s gifts strengthen the faithful

Chukat – Moses and the Rock by Darius Gilmont

This time of year can serve to prepare us to receive and participate in the appointed fasts of Lent. Those will be our abstaining from singing Gloria Hymns and Alleluia verses. In addition, this preparatory little season can give you time to consider what type of Lenten fasting you may privately want to choose to practice. Such personal fasting, you are not to do in order to earn favor with God. Rather you may fast in order to discipline yourself as you are reminded of the price He paid to cover over your sins. …For more, click on the title above.

Faith alone: Lessons from a blind man

Stained Glass #804 at

Everything—yes, everything—hinges and depends upon the Word of God in Christ. However, because that Word centers in His Cross, Christ’s Word remains a great Mystery, and even His disciples were blind to what it means and signifies—both for Him and for themselves—until it was revealed and explained by the Holy Spirit….For more, click on the title above.


Stained Glass #804 at


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Parable of the Sower by Nelly Bube


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Who is the sower?

Parable of the Sower by Nelly Bube

Conveniently, our dear Lord Jesus Christ has done some of the work for us this morning, in that He states the meaning of the parable plainly to His disciples and to you. The Parable of the Sower is quite well known, yet somehow the meaning of it gets muddled and confused, even though Jesus plainly says what it means. Let me elaborate on this….For more, click on the title above.