Drinking the cup of the Lord

Nativity by Jose Luis Castrillo

Our text today is going back in time, to the eighth day of our Lord’s life. His Circumcision, His naming, begins our New Year.
What is said about Christ is, necessarily, said about you, dear Christian. It must be this way for our salvation to be sure and complete. Beyond this, brothers and sisters, what must be said about Christ, for our salvation, is everything perfect. Christ, through His incarnation, is willingly locked up under the same Law that has confined us since its being given.
Jesus did not come to earth as an enemy of God’s Law. He did not chafe under the confines and strictures of God’s commands. Rather, He loved them because He loves the Father.
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Christmas 1_2023

Simeon Blessing the Christ Child by Severino Blanco

1st Sunday after Christmas

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The Tabernacle of our Lord

Starry Nativity by The Twillery Co

Today’s readings heard together have quite an impressive presence. Throughout mankind’s history, man has never truly been completely separated from the presence of our dear Lord. The narrative in the Old Testament is one of departure and return. The Epistle reading speaks of the birth from above which makes us children of God. John, in introducing God to the reader, calls Jesus the Word. Returning to the Old Testament, as our parents were cast out of the garden, God began to return them to himself. Time and time again, the actions of our Lord led our fallen race out of the darkness of our own creation and into His light.
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A journey to Salvation

As Shepherds Watched Their Flock by Night by Kirt Harmon

Ah—Christmas Eve. The church is appropriately decorated. The candles are lit. The lights on the tree sparkle. It’s a brilliance, a special brilliance, because this is a night that is waited for, a night prepared for, a night longed for.
It is a celebration of an event more than 2,000 years old—one that has not been forgotten—nor will it ever be.
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Starry Nativity by The Twillery Co

Christmas – Festival Service

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