Holy Saturday 2023

Moon Shines Light on Empty Tomb by Nancy Bucca

Holy Saturday – Resurrection Vigil

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Maundy Thursday 2023

Jesus washing the feet of his disciple by Bernardo Ramonfaur

Maundy Thursday

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The confession of the centurion

Our question on this day is what turned this Caesar-loving soldier into a soldier of the cross? What made this man, about whom legends have been told, turn from unbelieving defiler of the Holy One to a worshipper of the One True God? The synoptic gospels treat this confession a little differently according to who it is that’s telling the story, and, of course, their audience. Now, that doesn’t make one story true and the others false, and it doesn’t make one any truer than the others. It’s a matter of perspective and context….For more, click on the title above.

Jesus Is

Abraham and Isaac from "Dalziels" Bible Gallery

Our text for today’s sermon comes from the Gospel reading which you heard just moments ago, these words:
“Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”
Thus far our text. These words are likely familiar to most of us. Jesus’ words here should be some of the most famous He ever said, yet strangely, the average person likely has never heard them. Why is that? Perhaps they just don’t have the same ring as “Judge not,” or “Turn the other cheek.” …For more, click on the title above.