Catalina Lutheran Church is  blessed to be an official Operation Barnabas Chapter (to read more about Operation Barnabas, go to

This means that we:

  • Are committed to praying for Armed Forces members and their families
  • At least once a year, honor Veterans and their families in a worship service or congregational event
  • Support all members of the Military and their families both spiritually and physically
  • Provide care and support to deployed LCMS Chaplains
  • Serve as a resource to other organizations that provide care to Military families

Are you a member of our nation’s Military?  Let us know how we can serve you!

  • Click here to submit a prayer request to our ministry staff
  • Click here to contact us with a specific need for you or your family
  • Do you know someone serving in the Military/Reserves? We’d love to contact them to pray for them and help them in any way we can.  Click here to submit their contact information

For upcoming & past events check the calendar page

To read the latest OB News/Updates go to the posts found here