Operation Barnabas Chapter Members

Catalina Lutheran Church is  blessed to be an official Operation Barnabas Chapter (to read more about Operation Barnabas, visit

This means that we:

  • Are committed to praying for Armed Forces members and their families
  • At least once a year, honor Veterans and their families in a worship service or congregational event
  • Support all members of the Military and their families both spiritually and physically
  • Provide care and support to deployed LCMS Chaplains
  • Serve as a resource to other organizations that provide care to Military families

Are you a member of our nation’s Military?  Let us know how we can serve you!

  • Click here to contact us with a specific need for you or your family
  • Do you know someone serving in the Military/Reserves? We’d love to contact them to pray for them and help them in any way we can.  Click here to submit their contact information
  • to submit a prayer request to our ministry staff use this form

For upcoming & past events check the calendar page

To read the latest OB News/Updates go to the posts found here

About 30% of annual mesothelioma claims come from veterans. You might have a high risk of asbestos exposure if you served in military occupations from 1930 to 1980. Every branch of the military relied on asbestos. VA benefits are available to veterans with mesothelioma. (C) the website, for more information go to:
Veterans & Mesothelioma