Continually Calling on God to Remember His Promises

Christ and The Canaanite Woman by Jean-Germain Drouais

Today’s texts are again revealing to us that, even if we may be wrestling with God’s Word, God wills to bless us out of our pain. He has promised to never leave nor forsake those who trust in Him.

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Love Imaged in Red & Black: In Blood & Ashes

For you, the faithful who have been led by the Spirit of the Living God to receive His loving gifts to you today, this melding of two celebrations can be thought of as being a day to behold God’s sacrificial love imaged in red and black: a Valentine heart and the dust of death, or simply – in Blood and ashes.

Continuing steadfast in the Faith into heaven’s bliss

Good Shepherd stained

From God keeping her steadfast in the Faith, she has received the heavenly prize. On January 20, 2024, God released Marillyn from her confirmation vows. That is because in Christ, God has fulfilled His Promise to her.

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God’s gifts strengthen the faithful

Chukat – Moses and the Rock by Darius Gilmont

This time of year can serve to prepare us to receive and participate in the appointed fasts of Lent. Those will be our abstaining from singing Gloria Hymns and Alleluia verses. In addition, this preparatory little season can give you time to consider what type of Lenten fasting you may privately want to choose to practice. Such personal fasting, you are not to do in order to earn favor with God. Rather you may fast in order to discipline yourself as you are reminded of the price He paid to cover over your sins. …For more, click on the title above.

Handing on the Beautiful Tradition of Service

The Transfiguration by Evelyn Stuart Hardy

As congregations like this hold onto the helpful traditions and treasures of the Church, most of you understand that today should be a “white day.” The sights, sounds, and practices, the many good traditions of the ancient Church universal are still used today. That is to help the hearers of the Word better receive God’s biblically revealed gifts. Rightly received, continually taught, and used, they can serve to help keep us focused upon the clear Word and scriptural witness about the work of the Christ. Therefore, the white of Feast Days such as this Transfiguration Day is used to remind all who behold it that this day is all about Jesus. So, why is the Chancel and why are God’s servants before it today, vested in red?…For more, click on the title above.

It is beautiful to fall asleep in the Lord

Ghent altarpiece: Adoration of the Lamb by Jan van Eych

Our sermon for this funeral service is offered to God in thanksgiving for the Faith that God gave and sustained in Kenneth Brian Bowman. The following words have flowed forth from the inspired readings for this day. Ken’s beloved Rosann chose them for you to hear from them today. I invite you to hear again the Word of the Lord that declares the good confession of the Faith:
The beautiful struggle I have struggled, the race I have completed, the Faith I have kept….For more, click on the title above.

God blesses one man-one woman marriage as a beautiful sign

Wedding in Cana Basrelief, Bethléem Monastery

Today, there are so many things to consider as we dive into the readings for during this time of proclamation and exhortation. That is particularly true as we consider our Church community, as well as the neighborhoods about us. As news reports may have informed you, there continues to be lot of evil occurring even in the world that is directly around us.
Further, in this congregation, our sinful natures, inherited by all humans through Adam, have given us plenty of reasons for weeping. That remains true, even as our new natures in Christ continue to give us a multitude of reasons for rejoicing. After all, God has called us to gather as One Body, under One Head. When one of us weeps, as one, we are called to weep with them. As one among us rejoices, we are called to rejoice with them….For more, click on the title above.

Epiphany’s Glorious and Beautiful Revelations of Christ

Baptism of Jesus by Lorenzo Scott

This year, God has again called us before this Altar Table to hear of the Epiphany Season’s glorious and beautiful revelations of Christ. To that end, the calendar has given us opportunity to move from one traditional Epiphany reading, that of the visit of the Magi, to another of the traditional readings for that High Feast. It is almost as if there was a cinematic “fade-to-black” after last night’s service so that this day’s readings could move our thoughts from King Jesus’ appearance to the nations to that which He came to do for people from all nations. …For more, click on the title above.

Watching in the Faith for Christ’s glorious return

by Hermanoleon Clipart

This evening, the Word has again called us to continue watching in the faith for Christ’s glorious return. It has reminded us that no created entity has power to separate us, the faithful from the unconditional, sacrificial, enduring love of God. That He continues to pour out upon us in Christ Jesus.
This end-of-year service certainly reminds us of those realities. It comes each year to proclaim the Word that God continues to give to us to keep us in the Faith. It emphasizes that our confession remains that which was confessed by the Apostle Paul long ago in his letter to the Church at Rome.
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