Peter’s Confessions

Icon of Saint Peter

Today we celebrate and give thanks for the faith given to St. Peter the Apostle. He is also called the Holy Father for his role in forming the early Christian communities, the Prince of the Apostles for his being chosen by Christ to aid in leading those who would confess the Faith, and, most simply, Simon. He was married and therefore a father in two senses: A father in his household and a father of those who would confess the Faith. His narrative in the Scriptures is one of opposites: at once he will boldly confess Christ and then quickly deny Christ, he will be praised and rebuked, he rejoices and he suffers. … For more, click on the title above.

God blesses one man-one woman marriage as a beautiful sign

Wedding in Cana Basrelief, Bethléem Monastery

Today, there are so many things to consider as we dive into the readings for during this time of proclamation and exhortation. That is particularly true as we consider our Church community, as well as the neighborhoods about us. As news reports may have informed you, there continues to be lot of evil occurring even in the world that is directly around us.
Further, in this congregation, our sinful natures, inherited by all humans through Adam, have given us plenty of reasons for weeping. That remains true, even as our new natures in Christ continue to give us a multitude of reasons for rejoicing. After all, God has called us to gather as One Body, under One Head. When one of us weeps, as one, we are called to weep with them. As one among us rejoices, we are called to rejoice with them….For more, click on the title above.

Epiphany 2_2024

Wedding in Cana Basrelief, Bethléem Monastery

Second Sunday after Epiphany

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Surely in temples made by hands, God the Most High is not dwelling

Jesus in the Temple by Heinrich Hofmann

When we heard of the Magoi coming to worship the Christ during our Epiphany celebration we learned something about the flesh of Christ and the revelation of the mysteries of God. Here today we learn more about the flesh of Christ and God’s purpose in sending the Christ into our Cosmos as true God and true man….For more, click on the title above.

Epiphany’s Glorious and Beautiful Revelations of Christ

Baptism of Jesus by Lorenzo Scott

This year, God has again called us before this Altar Table to hear of the Epiphany Season’s glorious and beautiful revelations of Christ. To that end, the calendar has given us opportunity to move from one traditional Epiphany reading, that of the visit of the Magi, to another of the traditional readings for that High Feast. It is almost as if there was a cinematic “fade-to-black” after last night’s service so that this day’s readings could move our thoughts from King Jesus’ appearance to the nations to that which He came to do for people from all nations. …For more, click on the title above.

Children called home

Magi by Mickey McGrath

A blessed feast of the Epiphany to you! Some feasts are easier to remember than others. The Nativity of Our Lord, The Baptism of our Lord, The Naming of our Lord all make it pretty easy to remember what exactly we’re celebrating. Epiphany, however, is one of those that are more difficult to have stick in our minds. Epiphany is named after the Greek word Epi- faino which means to “shine out.” What shines out in our text today is the star, yes, but more importantly, the identity of the baby these Magoi come to worship…For more, click on the title above.