Hymns for March 22, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015, Hymns
Lent 5, Judica (LSB Divine Service Setting 3)

Hymn of Invocation:  LSB #902, Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now”
Hymn of the Day:  LSB #430, “My Song Is Love Unknown”
Distribution Hymns: LSB #547, “The Lamb”
LSB #624, “The Infant Priest Was Holy Born” 

Click here to use Better Noises, a product designed to help learn new/unfamiliar hymns from the Lutheran Service Book. Instead of trying to learn the melody of a hymn while it is being sung during a worship service, Better Noises offers an opportunity for LCMS attendees to familiarize themselves with LSB hymn melodies during the days prior to a church service.

A new window will open, type in one of the hymn numbers above and click on the submit button. [First time users may want to click on this link to read instructions/information about the Better Noises website.]

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