Notes from the April 24, 2018 Operation Barnabas Meeting

Notes from the April 24, 2018 Operation Barnabas Meeting

Pastor Morehouse opened the meeting with a devotion from Romans Chapter 7.  Man is wretched and needs delivery from sin and death. We can thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord that we spiritually serve the law of God which overcomes the flesh and the law of sin.

Those in attendance were Pastor & Marty Morehouse, Kathy A, Billie May & Jim M, Bruce H, Russ & Dawn H.

Pastor Morehouse gave a report on the difficult situation that Chaplains are having to contend with.  They are asked to perform same sex marriages but have the right to refuse this request which violates their conscience and their faith.  The Baptist Chaplain who refused this request still has to face disciplinary action against him by an Army investigator.

Pastor reported on his presentation at the National Conference of Operation Barnabas in St. Louis.  We have become known as the “Church that cares.” The help to Veterans comes from the grassroots at the congregational level and not from the top down.  Vicar Schlie’s notes on the Conference were very detailed and covered the 5 speakers who presented.

Our Chapter has adopted an LCMS Chaplain, Paul Weber, who has asked us to support him with prayers and some items for his troops.  He suggested that we might send some little Arch Books that Soldiers could send one home and then read on Face time to their kids. Our group Will order $300 worth of books and have CPH send them overseas.  Later our Congregation can send granola bars, fruit snacks, and religious tracts.

We voted to support a project, along with LWML, with a donation of $100.  More details will be coming later.

We received a donation of $1,300 from Thrivent Choice dollars for Operation Barnabas.  Thank you’s will be sent to all four donors. 

Our group will be doing fellowship on May 27 for Memorial Day.  Nancy will be asked to make the cake, Dawn will bring cookies, Marty will bring fruit, Bruce will bring crackers, cheese & meat.  Larry is free to help serve (if he doesn’t eat all the cookies before it starts).

Bruce will be acquiring the plate to our memorial plaque for Bill Cowles who passed away recently.

Marilyn D donated a sleep # bed for a Veteran who was having surgery, and the Legion Club is donating a ramp to his house for a wheelchair.  All the practical items from our annual yard sale for homeless Veterans were delivered to Esperanza En Escalante near the Davis Monthan Airbase to help furnish their tiny houses.

Moose C one of our big supporters, fell and broke his hip.  We sent a card of encouragement from Operation Barnabas.

The next Stand Down is Wednesday, Aug. 15 at an undetermined place.  More news will be forthcoming. Our May regular meeting will be Tues., May 22 at 10:00 at the Church.

Pastor closed the meeting with prayers for families of fallen soldiers and for our Chapter as we continue the Lord’s Work.

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