OB Meeting 4/25/24

Warning Order and opening prayer Pastor Guest presentation: Soldier’s Best Friend Dawn introduced Leslie (representative) and Chris (client) from Soldier’s Best Friend. SBF locates, trains, and places service dogs with veterans who have PTSD/TBI, and trains the veterans to work and live with their service dogs. Leslie discussed the processes used by SBF, and the… Continue reading OB Meeting 4/25/24

God’s Beautiful Kingdom Comes Through the Gospel

The Sword by Paul Kaleb DB

As we repeatedly hear from this pulpit, the proclamation of peace between God and man that Jesus died to bring continues to move sinners like you and me to repentance. The peace that Jesus won on the Cross continues to grant Divine forgiveness to us.

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Rejoice: The Lord Remains Faithful to His Promises

The New Jerusalem from the Folio 55r of the Bamberg Apocalypse

We need to hear that He, through His Word of forgiveness, continues to set our sins apart from us, even as far as the East is from the West. Our New Natures desire to hear God say, through the means He Himself chose: “I will remember [your] sins no more!”

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Betrayed by Annabelle DB

Betrayal burns with the intensity of the sun; it scalds the very soul.

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The Perfect Life

Take this Cup by Isaac DB

Sin lays at our door, always. Sin desires to rule over us, always. We are called by Christ to set a watch, always.
Nevertheless, knowing this, as we do, we leave the door unattended and sin walks in freely.

OB Meeting 2/15/24

Our February meeting was held Thurs., February 15 at the Church.  Pastor opened with a devotion from Matthew 6:19-20.  We are not to lay up treasures on earth, but lay up treasures in heaven, where neither moths nor rust will destroy.  Where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also.  Details of the Stand… Continue reading OB Meeting 2/15/24

Continually Calling on God to Remember His Promises

Christ and The Canaanite Woman by Jean-Germain Drouais

Today’s texts are again revealing to us that, even if we may be wrestling with God’s Word, God wills to bless us out of our pain. He has promised to never leave nor forsake those who trust in Him.

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Strike the Shepherd

Praying in the Garden by Annabelle DB

Doesn’t Jesus say, over and over again, that He must fulfill all that has been written about Him in the Law and the Prophets?

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