Operation Barnabas Meeting Notes—May 22, 2018

Operation Barnabas Meeting Notes—May 22, 2018

Those in attendance were Kathy A, John D, Pastor & Marty M, Bruce H, & Dawn H.

Pastor opened the meeting with a devotion about the strength and courage that soldiers must have to face the trials of battle.  Like Joshua, they must not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord is with them wherever they go. It is O.B.’s calling to encourage all service members, their families, veterans and other military connected people with the message that our risen Lord Jesus is reason to live strong and courageously.

Our group will be covering fellowship Sunday at CLC.  I will bring cookies, Nancy will bake the cake, Marty will bring fruit, and Bruce will bring crackers, cheese and meat.  Larry will bring a surprise? We are honoring all the fallen and deceased Veterans for Memorial Day.

A report was given on our adopted LCMS Chaplain and how he is using the Little Arch Books that we sent.  Fifteen of his men are using the books to facetime with their children back home. Now we will have a campaign to collect other items like fruit snacks, health bars, and possibly some hygiene items like sunscreen, lip balm and wipes.  

We voted to supply our new Vicar who is arriving in June with $240 for moving expenses and $200 for food, diapers or other items that he and his family will need when they set up their household.  He is a former Marine who served 6 yrs.

A discussion revolved around the report on women and the military in the May LCMS Reporter Newspaper.  In Nov. 2017 the LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations approved the adoption of a new report, “Women in the military:   A Lutheran Perspective,” which offers a biblical foundation for considering the topic of women in the military. The report includes historical, theological and practical considerations for facing the issues surrounding women and military service.  If you want to read further, open the website: lcms.org/ctcr.

Future events include:

Stand Down—Aug. 15 at GLH Motel located at Grant and I-10

June Meeting—June 26 at the Church

July Meeting—no meeting will be held

Aug. Meeting—Aug. 7 at the Church to pack bags for the Aug. 15 Stand Down

American Legion Golf Tournament fundraiser for homeless Veterans:   Aug. 25 at the View’s Golf Course in Rancho Vistoso

Details on the Hope Fest are pending, but will most likely be October 20 at TCC.

Pastor read a roll call of all the fallen soldiers from the past month and finalized the meeting with a prayer for their families.

P.S.  Russ & I took a load of clothing, shoes, caps and purses to the DAV Center on Ina Rd.  They are filling up pods of resources for the August Stand Down.

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