Operation Barnabas Chapter Meeting Aug 7, 2018

Those in attendance were Bruce, Chris, Mike & Laura, Pastor & Marty
& Dawn.

Pastor opened the meeting with a devotion about Jesus giving us hope when we experience tragedies. God is alive in our world and like Lazarus, we are all on our deathbed waiting for Jesus to come and resurrect us to life eternal. Until then, Operation Barnabas people are called to care, weep-with and encourage those who suffer life’s tragedies.

We will be sending some of the Lutheran Hour Booklets that Faith Lutheran gave us to our Chaplain, Paul Weber. These will also be available at our Stand Down table on Aug. 15. Fifty Bibles will be given out at the Stand Down to those Veterans who need one.

The Stand Down is being held at the Grand Luxor Hotel, located at 1365 W. Grant Rd. It’s just West of Interstate 10. I am driving down with all the supplies and plan to leave home at 7:00. Anyone who needs a ride can meet at my house located at 14821 N. Appleton Ave. in Catalina. Russ is making a lot of home-baked cookies and I have cleaned and sorted reading glasses and sunglasses for us to hand out.

Tentatively, there will be a Veteran’s section at the Hope Fest at TCC on October 27. Nothing official yet. Most likely we will participate with 50 adult care packages and 25 Children’s bags. We will be holding a pickle and jam sale at Church on Sunday, September 30 after the service on the north patio.

For Veteran’s Day, we will be selling baked goods, pickles and jam and Pastor will be holding a Memorial Service for fallen soldiers at 11:00 A.M. at Claire’s Café. This will be held on Nov. 10, a Saturday, since Veteran’s Day falls on a Sunday. To honor all Veterans, we will be handing out vouchers for a free breakfast or lunch at Claire’s limited to the first 50 Veterans who attend.

We will be supporting Jacob Morehouse who will be deployed soon and Karl Grant as he completes his basic training. Both will need our prayers.

Pastor did a remembrance roll call for those soldiers who lost their lives in the last month. Then he led a prayer to close our meeting.

After the meeting, we packed 30 adult care packages and 10 children’s bags for the Stand Down on Aug. 15. We thank the Lord for all the members of the congregation for their generous donations of hygiene items and clothing.

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  1. Thanks for the news at CLC. “Barnabas Operation” is a grand blessing to veterans and families.
    And we keep Jacob Morehouse and Karl Grant in our prayers. May God protect them and give them courage and strength as they protect our country and us – so we may
    continue enjoying our freedoms.
    Yours in Christ, Tom and Liz

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