Notes from the February 9th Meeting

Dear Members & Friends,
Vicar Nelson opened the meeting with a prayer and a devotion.  Just as soldiers lay down their lives for their country, Jesus shows us His ultimate love by dying on the cross for our sins.  We as Operation Barnabas members can show our love for those in the military service, and continually pray for them. 

A sympathy card for Chaplain Aaron Bell was passed around for everyone’s signature. We are sending a $50 memorial donation of family choice.  His father who was a retired Pastor recently passed away. 

Our Chapter has been receiving a lot of donations of furniture, clothing, and household items which we cannot store at the Church or the Hawk’s garage.  It was suggested that we acquire a shed or storage unit on the Church premises.  With the help of a grant, we may be able to accomplish that.  There is a lead from Mr. Hamilton who works for TVSV (Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans).  He has given me the information and I will start the process.  I will be asking for help from some of our members. 

Bruce is keeping up with adding names to our Veteran’ memorial plaque which hangs in the Narthex.  Don Landwer is our latest addition. 

Larry K has offered to have our banner repaired.  If it can’t be repaired, we may need to find another type of banner that fits our need.  Our cloth banner is looking a little tattered and dirty and we are hoping Nancy S will help us with that.
April 13 is the 10th anniversary of CLC’s Operation Barnabas Chapter.  It was discussed how we could share this celebration with the congregation.  I will be putting together a Google slide presentation which could be shown on a Sunday in April after the divine service.  Jean A has helped me get started with this project.
The next Stand Down will be held August 18 with some new boundaries.  Our Chapter will be doing the 50 adult care packages and 15 children’s bags. 
The next regular O.B. meeting will take place Tues., March 16 at 10:00 at the Church.  Vicar Nelson closed the meeting with a prayer for the families of the fallen and thanks for Jesus’ unfailing love. 

In His Service,

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