Notes from the April 13 Operation Barnabas Chapter Meeting

Pastor Morehouse opened the meeting with a devotion and prayer.  The devotion reminded us of the hope and promise of everlasting life given to us at our Baptism which brings us into a life in which every day is Easter.  We must never lose sight of this hope which helps us avoid the temptations of this world.

Those present at the meeting included:   Pastor & Marty, Paul & Donna, Mike & Laura, Boyd, Bruce, Vicar, Liz, and Dawn.

As for funding, our Chapter has been receiving memorial donations from the Landwer and Gaston families and friends.

Marty has volunteered to see if the wind-up mechanism on our banner can be repaired.  Larry had taken it in to the company who had produced it, but they could not fix it.

Sunday, April 18 our Chapter will celebrate its 10th Anniversary by sharing some of our outreach service activities with the Congregation.  This will be accomplished through a slide presentation and oral comments from some of the members.  Our Chapter began April 13, 2011.  Snacks and water will be provided in the Narthex.

We have a chance to get a storage unit at the Church site by writing a $5,000 Grant from the Arizona Veterans Donation Fund.  A committee was formed under Marty’s leadership to get a quote for the cost of this structure and to figure out where it would be placed on the Church property.  The Building Committee would also be contacted to see how we can coordinate this with the new plan for the future sanctuary.

The next meeting will be held on Tues., May 11 at 10:00 at the Church.

Vicar closed the meeting with a prayer and was happy to announce there were no new deaths of soldiers for the month.

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