Notes from the Nov OB Chapter Meeting

Pastor gave a devotion based on Ephesians 6:10–“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”  We give thanks to God for those who serve in the armed forces of our nation.  We pray that the Holy Spirit would work through Christians both within and outside of the service branches to bring the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who serve, especially our military chaplains.

Those present at the meeting include:  Pastor & Marty, Boyd & Christie, Paul & Donna, Vicar Steffensen, Kathy, Bruce and Dawn.

A report was given by Christie on her experience at the National O.B. Conference in St. Louis.  A book was highlighted at the Conference–Nailed by Chaplain Mark Schreiber.  It discusses moral injury and how the modern day soldier does not have the moral background to be able to handle the wounding of the soul.  It isn’t something that each soldier can fix on his/her own.  This is where the gospel and Jesus Christ can help to fix the lack of a moral conscience.

Christie checked in with Wendy’s Boutique to find out what they collect for Women Warriors.  They take jewelry, scarves, clothing, and gently used housewares.  We have started a collection of jewelry, purses and scarves.  The Welcome Wagon ladies from the Foothills have been good about donating these items and sharing them with us.

Our metal shed has been ordered and will be delivered as soon as the company’s lifting equipment is repaired.  The shelves will be ordered as soon as the building is set in place.

Veterans Day final plans were discussed and the Christie and Boyd offered to help set up before 7:00 at Claire’s Café.  A call for baked goods was made to the Congregation and O.B. members.

“Wreaths Across America” will be held at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana on Dec. 18.  There will be a ceremony beginning at 10:00 A.M. which will be followed by the laying of the wreaths.  Kathy & I will be going to lay wreaths on Ken Allred’s and Art Lewis’s graves.  Paul & Donna may be going also.  If you wish to purchase a wreath for $15, call Onita Davis at 520-229-1064 or

Christie & Boyd are going to deliver new socks, readers, sunglasses and Bibles  on Nov. 12, the day before the Pinal County Stand Down.  It is being held in Coolidge this year on Saturday, Nov. 13.

The next meeting will be held Thurs., January 20 at 10:00 at the Church.
Pastor closed the meeting with a prayer for all those who mourn the death of fallen heroes who gave their all for our nation.
In His Service,

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