Notes from the O.B. Meeting Thurs, Aug 25

Those members who were present for the meeting included:  Bruce, Tammy, Laura, Pastor, Marty, Vicar, Christie, Boyd, and Dawn.

Pastor opened the meeting with a devotion on friendship.  According to scripture, there are three possible objects of friendship:  another person, God or his Son, or someone else who follows Jesus.  The role of Operation Barnabas members is to show Christlike benevolence to others and point the way to the cross with love.  In our outreach we are to personify loyalty and affection and be the beacon on the hill to our military brothers and sisters.

A thank you note was read from former Vicar Steffensen for his parting gift and for including him in our outreach activities. 

A large part of our recent deposits were directed to us by Diane as a memorial donation upon the passing of her husband Paul.  We appreciate her support of our outreach.

We recently supported two Navy Veterans with application fees, deposits, and holding fees on apartments that they were wanting to rent.  Karl Grant’s parents shared his new address and we will correspond with him though his schooling time. 

We recently received correspondence from our adopted Chaplain, Aaron Bell from Camp Pendleton.  He thanked LCMS Congregations for the support they have given to him while he has ministered to his troops.  It has been difficult for him to be deployed for 55 months and to be away from his family.  He said it takes a Godly wife to keep his family functioning and his marriage strong.  He will be receiving orders to a new base sometime in December.  We will continue to support him with a monetary gift for the holidays and pray for his Christ-centered work.

Pinal County has a Stand Down on Oct. 8 in Coolidge.  We talked about support, but it will not be care packages this time.  We could donate some Bibles, reading glasses and sunglasses.  This is being considered.

Pima County is having a different activity in November instead of a Stand Down.  Food boxes will be handed out before the holidays at Esperanza En Escalante, near Davis Monthan Air Base.  A grant is being written to get the boxes from Home Depot and an LWML Grant is written to acquire food store gift cards to place in the boxes.  We will be asking the congregation to donate canned food to fill the boxes.  Our plan is to fill 12 boxes and more if we have extra donations.  More detailed information will follow, as we are working with the Women’s Auxiliary and TVSV, Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans.

We hope to have a Veteran’s Day Celebration outside of Claire’s Cafe on Friday, November 11.  There will also be a bake sale and pickles & jam sale.  Veterans will be honored with a food voucher for a free meal.

A pickle & jam fund-raiser will be held at both divine services at CLC on Sunday, Oct. 16.  Tammy & Christie have offered to assist.

The next monthly meeting will be Thurs., Sept. 22 at 10:00 at the Church.

Pastor closed the meeting with a prayer for the families and loved ones of six fallen soldiers who died from the crash of an Osprey helicopter.  Everyone in attendance recited the words from the hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

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