90 days of prayer: Day 6

Friday, Sept. 8, 2023 – Lord Jesus, You lifted our transgressions on the Cross and covered our sin with Your precious shed blood. Twenty-five years ago, You called our dear Pastor into our midst and commanded him in Your stead to hear our confession of sin and grant us Your absolution, thus bestowing on us the benefits that You won for us at Calvary. You have appointed him to keep watch over our souls, and will hold him to account on the Last Day. We thank You for Your gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation which You give us through Your Under-Shepherd. We confess that we often forget all that You do for us through him, and the high-stakes nature of the work to which You have called him. We are deeply sorry and sincerely repent. We humbly beseech You to continue to awaken our hearts by Your Holy Spirit, that we remain ever grateful for Your grace and mercy given to us through our Pastor. Stir us to hear him, submit to him, honor, obey and support him, holding him in the highest regard, that his work will be a joy and not a burden, that we continue to believe Your holy Word and lead godly lives, and that through him many others will likewise receive Your Faith, all to the honor and glory of Your Name. Amen.

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