Truly special people in the eyes of the Lord

Make A Joyful Noise 4 by Mark Jennings

Today’s ancient order of readings points you, the believer, to the sure and certain hope that the central message of Holy Scripture declares. This is another Sunday, among the 52 each year, that is God’s gift to you. This day is especially for you who are numbered among the people continually confessing Christ-crucified for the forgiveness of all your sins….For more, click on the title above.

The beautiful shepherd of the soul

Jesus Christ Good Shepherd by Bernardo Ramonfaur

What is the traditional nickname for this Sunday of the Church Year?
Yes, it is, “Good Shepherd Sunday.” Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and we are seen before God as sheep who have strayed—sinners all—and yet have been led back to the courtyard of the Faith by none other than Jesus Himself. That is the heart of today’s message, founded upon the eternal reality that the Beautiful Shepherd, Jesus, once laid down His life for us, then was raised from the dead, for us, for you!…For more, click on the title above.

Water, blood and Spirit

Jesus Shows the Disciples His Wounds by William Brassey Hole

It’s often in the smallest detail that the most remarkable revelations are to be found. Ezekiel beheld a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel had served as a priest in the Temple in Jerusalem. He had seen the destruction of that Temple, God’s dwelling place, and he was now living in exile in a land far away. And he must have been wondering: “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” …For more, click on the title above.

For you

Sea of Galilee by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Haven’t we been here before? It sounds so familiar.
Every year, for those of us who follow the One Year Lectionary, on the Fifth Sunday after Trinity, we hear the account of a miraculous catch of fish. Remember? …For more, click on the title above.

The stranger on the road to Emmaus

The Gospel Reading takes us back to that first Easter Sunday. The early morning events are now over. Most of Jesus’ disciples are back in Jerusalem in a house with the doors locked in fear of the Jews.
The afternoon sun is approaching the horizon as two disciples are walking on the dirt road out of Jerusalem. …For more, click on the title above.

Real historical resurrection

This is the day that those who sat in darkness had waited for. This is the day that we have been waiting for. This is the day that the Lord was waiting for.
Finally, the Light has shown Itself to us. In His incarnation, Christ revealed God’s Light to mankind, as we recently celebrated, yet the fullness of that Light was held back. …For more, click on the title above.

Christ’s death took away the sting of death for the faithful

Many of you have heard this morning’s reading from I Corinthians each Resurrection Sunday morning for many years. Today, you will sing of it with words like these: Our Paschal Lamb, that sets us free, is sacrificed… You also might have thought, “Hey! This day is about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. What is this about a sacrificed Lamb?”…For more, click on the title above.

As Christ died for all, so He died for me

Jesus Mafa art project of Cameroon

Our sermon text for Good Friday has been drawn from the Letter to the Church at Corinth. Please hear now a verse the Holy Spirit has led us to emphasize this day, this year:
The One not having known sin, for us sin He was made, that we may have become (the) righteousness of God in Him. …For more, click on the title above.

The beautiful divine Word received and handed over

Jesus Washes the Feet of His Disciples by Alida Bothma

Hear again how the Mystery taught and given by Christ Jesus for this Triduum begins, as it leads you, its hearers, to continue to make the good confession of the Faith:
For I received from the Lord, that which also I handed over to all of you…
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