King of the Hill

Stained glass window fro Christ the King Lutheran Church, Redlands, California

King of the hill. I’m sure you’ve all heard of that game. My father was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot. Before I was 10 we lived in Newfoundland, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Germany and Illinois. Everywhere we went we would end up playing this game and the rules never changed.
The object was to take the hill—even if you had to make little secret pacts with other kids (or even your brother)—to get to the top of the hill. …for more, click on the title above.

The Word of God dispels death

She was the mother of the dead. We all expect to bury our parents. This woman had probably already grieved over both of hers. We expect one spouse to have to bury the other. This widow had already buried her husband. And now the unthinkable: she had to bury her only son. St. Luke does not tell us how young this boy was, but in the eyes of a mother, she was burying her little boy… .For more, click on the title above.