Minutes of the September 20 Meeting of Operation Barnabas

Pastor Morehouse opened the meeting with a devotion about the 15th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.  The events of 9/11 are both a challenge to our nation and a faith challenge.  This is where Operation Barnabas participants, congregations and Vets of faith can play an important role to bring hope, healing and strength to our military community.

Those in attendance today were Pastor & Marty Morehouse, Paul & Donna Lindberg, Bruce Helenbart, Larry Klages, Rosann Bowman, and Dawn Hawk.

We planned the packing of bags for the Hope Fest on October 11.  There will be 75 adult bags and 25 children’s bags.  Faith Lutheran and the Methodist Church in Catalina will be helping us collect items to fill the bags.  Faith may bring some filled bags also.  We will set up our resource table at Kino Ballpark at 7:30 on October 22 to be ready for the participants who will attend at 9:00.  Candy Brockey laminated 50 Bible Bookmarks to be used at the Hope Fest.  There will be at least two tables and 10 chairs available for us to use.

Our assistance to the Veteran with 5 children included delivering three loads of furniture, kitchen utensils, diapers, food, bedding, dishes and school supplies.  Next Monday we will take them a full size bed frame, mattress, side table, and dresser.  They still need some single beds for the children and we are continuing to work on that need.  The Methodist Church in Catalina is also searching for children’s beds.  The Saddlebrooke Troop Support Group helped us supply food to the family.  

The American Legion sent “Thank You’s” to Marty and Dawn for helping with their golf tournament to raise money for homeless Vets and needy military members.

Our group was asked to coordinate with Coronado Elementary School to have the students make “Thank You” cards for Honor Flight participants who traveled to Washington this past weekend.  Fourth and seventh grade students made creative card of their own designs.

Veteran’s Day activities were discussed.  It was decided to offer a free meal to each Veteran who wanted to eat at Claire’s Café from 8:00-12:00 and Pastor would conduct a memorial service for fallen soldiers at 11:00.  Our fall pickle & jam and bake sale would be held outside of Claire’s to raise funds for up-coming Stand Downs.  Looking to the future, we would like to see a Veteran’s mural painted on one of the walls between Claire’s Café & Catalina Hardware.  This would serve as a reminder of all those who fought to protect our country and would be a place of honor & reverence for future commemorations of Veteran’s Day.  Flyers & free meal tickets are being printed to distribute throughout the community.

Our next meeting will be Oct. 11 when we pack bags for the Hope Fest.

Pastor Morehouse closed the meeting with a prayer for our fallen heroes and their families.


  1. I just wanna say ! Thx For Your ServicesToVeterans , Your Offer lifted me from Jaws Of Overwhelming Stress ,( PlateOverloadsAreHarmfull. I am NowWorking on Next Stress Downgrade… ( Thank You Again ,And Again…..Peace&Love

    1. I hope the problems/confusion with the deposit and fee covered by Faith’s Operation Barnabas Chapter has been straightened out. We hope you have been serviced and we appreciate your thankful attitude for Operation Barnabas’s efforts. We call on our Savior everyday to care for all Veterans in need of peace and comfort. Keep up the Spirit!

        1. I’m communicating with Mirabella Today ,to see if its the Inspection I’m waiting on…. God Bless !

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