Notes from the O.B. Meeting – August 6, 2019

Those members who were present include:  Bruce, Larry, Kathy, Laura & Mike, Pastor & Marty, and Dawn.

Pastor opened with a devotion about promotions in the military, in like manner, Jesus issues “promotion orders” to those who confess Him unto death.   An example of this is the criminal hanging on the cross who gave a dying prayer of confession and hope in Jesus. So It is the job of Operation Barnabas to bring the joy of Jesus to those who feel depleted and defeated.  

We discussed the Stand Down next Thurs., Aug. 15 at Grand Lux Hotel located at 1365 W. Grant Rd.  It runs from 9:00-2:00. We will be leaving my house at 7:00 A.M. so we can be set up by 8:00. Bruce will be giving Vicar a ride and Marty will be riding with me.  Fifty adult care bags were packed along with 15 children’s bags. Thanks to Chris’s suggestion, we have a great way of packing the bags with a lot less effort. Two door prizes are being donated by our Chapter.

A $100 donation was made by a member of our congregation to purchase items for the care packages.  

Efforts are being made to connect with our active military members.  Karl who is based at Guam would like emails from our members. We have also committed to corresponding with Nathan when he goes through basic training for the Air Force.

We received a thank you letter for our past donations to the Old Pueblo Community Services.  They serve veterans who are homeless due to lasting effects of combat.  

Pastor said we can keep up with deployments and returning soldiers by going on the   They are a motorcycle group who honor Veterans at funerals and other events like “Wreaths Across America.”

Our next meeting will be Sept. 12 at 10:00 at the Church.

Pastor closed the meeting with a prayer.

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